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  第47卷第1期 2011年1月 机械工程学报 JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGrNEERING v01.47 Jan. NO.1 20ll Dol:10.3901/JME.2011.01.124 多模糊信息条件下的物料配送路径规划问题研究乖 李晋航1,2黄刚1,2 贾艳1 (1.华中科技大学机械科学与工程学院武汉430074; 2.华中科技大学数字制造装备与技术国家重点实验室武汉430074) 摘要:混流装配线的物料配送是支撑装配线运作的复杂系统。配送准确、及时不仅能够保证生产不断线,还能大大提高生产 效率,发挥混流装配的优势。但是配送环节中往往存在工位货物需求量,工位预约到货时间和车辆运输时间不确定等因素, 使得传统路径规划模型不能真实地反映现场情况,反而因种种异常导致事倍功半。对不确定因素进行考虑,建立模糊信息条 件下的机会约束规划模型,并改进传统混合智能算法去求解模型。算法设计上,采用轮盘赌启发式算法来缩小初始解的搜索 范围,在交叉算子中提出用广义海明相似度概念来区分染色体的相似程度,在进化过程中采用双选择双变异流程来加快算法 的收敛速度。通过实例证明该算法处理不确定因素的可行性和高效性,并对模糊参数中关键因子的置信度选择不同值进行对 比分析,给出选择建议。 关键词:物料配送车辆路径规划模糊机会约束规划改进混合智能算法 中图分类号:n1181 Vehicle Routing Problem in Material Distribution under Condition of Much Fuzzy Information LI Jinhang 1,2 HUANG Gang 1’2 JIAYan 1 (1.School of Mechanical Science and Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and 2.State Key Laboratory of Digital Technology,Wuhan 430074; Manufacturing Equipment&Technology,Huazhong of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430074) University a Abstract:Material distribution of mixed-model assembly is distribution in factors,such complex system for supporting production assembly line operation.Accurate time Can ensure continuous production and greatly improve efficiency.However,there often喇st uncertain uncertain factors as work station demand for goods,appointed goods arrival time,and vehicle transportation cause time,SO the traditional route are programming model cannot truly reflect the field situation and on the contrary will taken int0 low productivity.The consideration,the chance constraint programming model under the condition of fuzzy information is built,and traditional hybrid intelligent algorithm is improved to solve this model.In the selection of initial solution,roulette heuristic algorithm is adopted to reduce the search range.In the crOSseVer operator,generalized hamming similarity degree is used to distinguish the similarity degree of two chn)mosomes in order to avoid inbreeding.Duplicate selected and mutated operator is chosen for increasing the convergence speed.A practical example and different proves the feasibility and high effici饥cy of the algorithm in dealing with uncertain factors, parameters are selected for comparison and analysis,thereby giving the values of confidence of key factors in the fuzzy suggestion on selection. Key words:Material distribution Vehicle routing programming Fuzzy chance constraint programming Impmvod hybrid intelligent algorithm ?国家自然科学基金资助项I习(50775089,508